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Single Mom Souvenir: This guy reminds you that there is a sexy, passionate beast living inside you, and prompts a much-needed lingerie makeover. In his spare time, he takes ballroom dance lessons and reads books about ballroom dancing, which you try to feign interest in but it's just not there. He's been married a few times, traveled the world and is a successful entrepreneur with a vintage motorcycle.

A loner, he shows up at your door at the first sign of a text from you, yet is man enough to stand in the shadows when you cry over his former BFF, a.k.a. His poems have taught him that heartbreak is temporary. European with a penchant for scarves (even in summer), he stands up when you leave the table at a restaurant and takes you places you long dreamed of going -- Milan, Buenos Aires, Prague -- but never with your kids.

“I couldn’t believe how almost every girl’s costume was so overtly sexualized,” Reilly tells Babble. Dressed in a variety of “sexy” costumes that are ill-fitting and horribly uncomfortable, Reilly rants about the lack of options.

“Apparently, if you are a woman, you can only be a naughty cop, a hot firefighter, or [a cat] named ‘Purrfect Playmate.’ I almost thought maybe I should shield my kids’ eyes when they were looking at the pictures! I’m sure if they did make them, Jane Goodall and her chimp would have to wear a corset and thong.” Seriously. Sexy Jane Goodall would not shock me at this point. https:// “There’s only one lane for Halloween costumes for women. Especially after scrubbing the toilets and floor when my boys miss the bowl, which I do.

The first episode of our new series features relationship therapist Dr.

Kimberly, who offers tips for dialing back in to your relationship and reconnecting with your partner.

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Halloween season is upon us, complete with ghosts, goblins, scary clowns, giant spiders, candy overload — and, oh yeah — row after row of sexy girl costumes lining the shelves at your nearest store. Then one day, you find yourself lying by the resort pool in his waterfront building, half-drunk at noon and wondering where your kid is. Single Mom Souvenir: You walk away from this one with a higher standard for chivalry and a lower standard for being "cultured." You need a guy who can laugh at a fart joke -- or hell, come up with one on his own. The Divorced Dad At first it seems the two of you have much in common.You're both single working parents who love films and food -- what are the chances? Because last thing I want to do on Halloween is fast and squeeze into a bustier and Spanx. “We can do better,” Reilly says at the end of her video rant. And don’t you dare try to add a corset and a thong to that outfit. Your Facebook name, profile photo and other personal information you make public on Facebook (e.g., school, work, current city, age) will appear with your comment.

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