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Prostitution decriminalization Sex workers under the age of 18 are victims, not criminals – that mantra guided several criminal justice bills this year.Among those signed into law was Senate Bill 1322, which bars law enforcement from arresting minors for prostitution or loitering with intent.Turner was convicted in March of three counts of sexual assault and sentenced to six months in Rape sentencing Another bill reflecting headline-grabbing sexual assault cases, Senate Bill 813 brought accusers of disgraced entertainer Bill Cosby to hearings in Sacramento.It eliminates the statute of limitations for rape cases, allowing prosecutors to bring charges no matter how much time has passed since the crime.The measure, watered down amid heavy lobbying from the building industry, also requires contractors to tell the licensing board about past convictions for felonies or other crimes that could affect their work.Aoife Beary, a 21-year-old Irishwoman who survived last year's balcony collapse in Berkeley, on Aug.

California state senators read the 7,200-word statement from the 23-year-old woman who was sexually assaulted on the Stanford University campus by Brock Turner.However, the data and documentation contained within are not to be redistributed or made available from any other location than without the express written permission of Jerry Brown’s time is consumed by what could best be described as legislative triage.Contractors The fatal 2015 collapse of a balcony in Berkeley spurred legislators to examine how the state vets building contractors.The result was Senate Bill 465, which compels the California Department of Industrial Relations and the Division of Occupational Safety and Health to tell the Contractors State License Board when the state punishes wayward builders.

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After years of trying to erase a welfare rule they said punishes poor people, Democrats finally succeeded in repealing a policy known as the “maximum family grant” that bars women who get pregnant while on welfare from drawing additional benefits. 1, women in that situation can apply for benefits to cover the new child.

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