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The claim was staked out one-half mile square upon the highland in the eastern part of the city. Johnson kept a hotel, the first in this portion of the state. On May 14, 1852, the first money was paid for land in Southern Minnesota by Dr. At the second stroke the "class officers" will at once rise and give the commands, "stand," "right face," or "left face," as the circumstances may require, and "march." At the command "march," the classes will repair promptly to the assembly room. The "Alarm Signal "will consist of three rapid strokes of the large gong bell.

The shanty was erected just in front of the present residence of J. The hotel building would, if it had been preserved, have presented something of a contrast to the hotels of Winona at this date. Childs, who abandoned his acre and purchased eighty acres, at one dollar an acre, of I. The purchase had upon it twelve Indian tepees which were built in 1849 by the Winnebagoes, who were waiting for a boat to be removed to their agency at Long Prairie on the Upper Mississippi. Immediately upon the sounding of this signal, every pupil and every teacher in the institution will repair to the room and position to which cash is assigned, and there await further orders in a standing attitude.

The trade and commerce of the place was not large, as it is recorded that Captain Orin Smith furnished E. Johnson with a large lantern to be hung up at the landing at the foot of Main Street as a signal whenever he had any business for the boat to do. You will see that everything is in its place, and that no dirt, scraps of paper or refuse of any kind is allowed to accumulate in your rooms, to the detriment of the health and manners of your pupils. You will not suffer yourselves to be interrupted in your duties by visitors.

Then he lay down to die, after writing a few brief words in his pocket Bible to his family. After five hours the party landed on the high table-land north of Minnesota City near the present site of Troost's Mill. Childs chose the acre where the post-office now stands. Thomas the one where the city building is located, and J. William Christie, who arrived on the 9th of May only to die on the 10th. M., nor will they attend them to concerts, balls, or other entertainments, either public or private, without permission previously obtained from the Principal in each case. This is a training school for teachers, and not a reform school.

He was found in a dying condition by some friendly Indians, who, with food, restored him to life, and in time guided him on his journey to where the City of Winona stands. A little shanty 7 by 12 built of stray boards found on the Islands was the only shelter, and that was not reached until nearly morning. Childs and many others decided to go back to " America." They chartered the wood boat and started down the river, and landed near the "hotel, " May 7. Johnson's hot biscuit and fat pork disappeared with remarkable rapidity, and the spirits of the party began to rise slightly. Johnson, anxious to obtain settlers, made them the offer of an acre each to such as would remain and build upon it. Boards for a coffin were found after much trouble, and a grave was made on the claim of John Evans, where he was buried. Hence a good moral character must be taken for granted until otherwise proved. The use of all spirituous liquors, and tobacco in all its forms, by the students, is prohibited on penalty of prompt expulsion. No profane or obscene language will be allowed among the students or pupils of any department, at any place or under any circumstances. Bulletin boards are placed in the wardrobe rooms, and all special notices, orders and regulations, will be posted upon them front time to time, as circumstances may require. You will carefully preserve a copy of these regulations, and endeavor to familiarize yourselves with them, to the end that you may be able to observe them fully.

The only post-office at that time in the county was "Elder Ely's hat; " the nearest one recognized by the United States was at La Crosse, and as the Elder's family was waiting there he visited them often, and obtained all the letters for parties who lived in what is now Winona County. Barber was appointed postmaster at Winona in the Fall of 1852. You will not be expected to leave the building until the close of the daily session. Please preserve and read these regulations frequently, and aim constantly to carry them out in their full spirit.

This arrangement continued for quite awhile after the Elder's family came to Winona, and even after Mr. May 21, 1853, the last official act of the Sioux government was committed. Perhaps this somewhat extended notice of the State Normal School at Winona cannot be brought more fittingly to a close than by inserting the subjoined communication, which appeared in the St. It is understood to have been written by a prominent and successful educator from Ohio, at the time of his visit an entire stranger to the institution and to every person connected with it.

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