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Went to bank to stop payment today I'm going to law-enforcement to seek charges against them if they can catch whoever did this I hope they go to hell!!!!! BJHXYJDTXS CO., LTD Comment from Anonymous - Posted Dec 18, 2017Don’t know you are or why you’re talking money from my bank account and how you got my details won’t my money back it’s been reported to federal police and bank as fraud!!!Get a job you piece of shit Order Details Order ID: #6795Date Added: 18/12/2017 Payment Method: Secure Order Shipping Method: Flat Shipping Rate Payment Address Shipping Address JOSEPH KRAUSMaison de L'Orientation58, Boulevard Grand-Duchesse Charlotte Luxembourg L-1330JOSEPH KRAUSMaison de L'Orientation58, Boulevard Grand-Duchesse Charlotte Luxembourg L-1330Product Name Model Quantity Price .99 Galaxy S8 Edge – Midnight Black - Capacity: 64G 85425 1 Sub-Total Flat Shipping Rate .00 Total .99 Order History Date Added Order Status Comment18/12/2017 Processing Continue01-2018 4541 0240 2304 7283 PES*EXCELLENTSHOPSSHOUNING -817,66 CNY -106,23 EUR???????????? 11, THE MONEY WAS QUICKLY WITHDRAWN BUT AS PF TODAY I HAVEN'T HEARD FROM THE COMPANY AS OF WHEN THE BOATES SHOULD BE HERE. I HAVE NO CONFORMATION NUMBER OR HOW TO CONTACT YOUR COMPANY. My statement came and charge me on Gpay csosop Shenzhen She for £34.61. They have done the same with me, I contacted my credit card company who are looking in to it, they are issuing me with a new card. Has been 3 lots total $ 80.45 taken out 17/12/17 Please cancel immediately any further e-mails or transactions.

That is what brought me to investigating on google, because I am not aware of any such subscription.

and i check the site its not available :( i bought 2 charms on a website i thought it was Pandora's turns out it wasn't and on my statement shows this name above.i tried to contact via web site and didn't have any returnit is a scam site, i lost my money and my gift A trader took 47 euro on my credit card without my permision. [email protected] This is the second time posting this. I tried calling them but they stated that I have to give personal information so they can look up my account. I ordered an Adidas jacket from "" online. Please cancel my order and refund my money a total of 4.16. My credit card was charged more than it should have been, and other than an email saying my ordered was processed, I have received no other information or product. COM SHANGHAI Transaction category : Shopping & Entertainment : Clothing/Shoes When you send me the material until noe I not received yetmy Address : 1205 E.

I received an email afterwards saying "CC Moonkue Tech" would appear on my credit card. Work colleague pointed out to me today that it is not a secure site - no "s" at end of http! I am Contacting my bank today to report your company as it has no address, no phone number and I have not received a confirmation for the payment. Date 8/8-17 a draw from my creditcard for 227,77CNY =275,32 has been payd for an electric toy to a child. Please return the amount back.sincerly Trond Harald Hansen Kjærlighetsstien 4, 1850 Mysen Norway Mail: [email protected] You have charged my bank account 20.112017 72,50 € and 5.40 €WHY BECAUSE I have bought nothing from your company? Pennsylvania Ave, Redlands, CA 92374 USEmy Email :: [email protected] or [email protected]Thank you You have ripped me of on my credit card not bloody happy.ordered a drill set from this site you took my money out on november 27 ..2017 and no emails at all .i i would like my money returned ...nicole shipcott 55 whitehead street corowa nsw 2646 .

Apparently if you purchased anything from (such as Insta-Chop vegetable chopper) via Face Book, they pretend that you subscribed to accessing deeply discounted items—ad Infinitum—and charge your card monthly going forward. This so called subscription was going on for over 6 months. The money was debited from my account and my account statement via uk says payment fail.

I demanded my money back and was told I can only be refunded for 90 Days (3 payments of US.95. I have tried numerous times to contact them but I have heard nothing. I was just auditing my credit card activities and notice the same pattern of a monthly recurring charge of US.95-first from ELECTRICSAV, then the name changed to Top Choice for the same amount up to this Dec, 2017.

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I ordered retro 5 Oreo size 10.5 last thurs with no confirmation or tracking number please send me this or refund my act for 149.90 I paid for these show for Christmas for my son my number is (540)660-2298 or email is [email protected] Dichiarazione di transazione di pagamento su Internet Dettagli della transazione come di seguito: Data della transazione: 26 novembre 2017ID ordine transazione: 20171126-3321Importo della transazione: 109.00EURNumero di carta: 516795 ****** 0948NOTA: 1. If you need more information please feel free to contact me My email addre is [email protected]Thank you in advance I did order something on F B fit a hand bag,on 13 November 17. Not just that another chance for Non Sterling £0.95 follows. I ordered a Lonsdale Oxford Jacket from was charged but got no order confirmation. Check your statement again, they use different names, GETBIOTRIMM. I contacted you by mistake in wanting to learn what you were about, but did not want to have any ongoing contact.

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