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“Our band folders were all from the Marine Band,” Choi remembers.

Choi’s parents were South Korean immigrants who met and married in the United States.

As a Korean Baptist minister, Choi’s father was often transferred within the southern California region to start new churches.

“I went to five different elementary schools,” Choi says, “but I was able to attend the same junior high school and the same high school.” The young Choi especially loved music, and his mother arranged for piano lessons.

Growing up during the Korean War, both had felt the sting of conflict.

Choi’s mother has no idea what became of her father—he was “stolen away into North Korea”—and his father, too, experienced the mysterious disappearance of relatives.

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“I think my parents hoped I would become a pianist and choir director for their church, but I rebelled.” Following his own interests, he took up the trumpet. I also dabbled with the flute, clarinet, and violin.” As early as the fourth grade, Choi says, he felt attracted to other males, but at the church his father pastored, he heard only negative things about gays.

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