Intimidating women quotes

She is a charmer in her own right with a magnetic presence that is absolutely overpowering.

But, don’t get carried away by her gently mannerism and soft disposition.

Scorpion females exude an aura that not many can elude from.

Intelligent, intuitive, controlling and passionate, Scorpion females are self-confidant and self-possessed females who draw men to themselves from every walk of life.

They have a mystical sixth sense which helps them to understand people and circumstances better.

But what separates a Scorpio woman from the rest is her burning passion.

There is much to her personality than what meets the eye and thus, it is rightly said that a Scorpion female can be a bundle of surprise for many.

Having said that, the trait that tops the list, while discussing the negative characteristic features of Scorpion females, is their over possessive nature. You will be exposed to her dark self that is quite intimidating and nerve-racking.Females under this sun sign are intensely passionate and never ever display a casual attitude.In fact, whatever they do, they do so with complete fervour and enthusiasm.They are brilliantly sharp and only focus on the fundamental essence of any issue.Due to their intuitive nature, Scorpio females can easily make out the real intentions of men and know what exactly is playing their mind.

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They choose their friends very carefully and only maintain everlasting relationships with the credible ones.

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