Dating america american man what to expect when dating a hungarian man

Of course I have done a little research since then, and believe that dating more than 1 person at the same time is a typically American thing I pretty much despise (sorry for the harsh word). I lived in UK last year and even there I haven't seen anything such. It's not cultural, it's a man that is playing the field and is not ready for what you want.

Anyway, because I really like this guy, I have decided to accept it as a cultural thing. It happens every day, the key is to TALK about what you want and need from day one, not 5 months into it.

And if you are paying attention to the behavior, the exclusivity talk is unnecessary.

And in any case you should generally avoid assumptions.

I'm half filipino but everyone tells me I look almost chinese.. I really like him, he's very attractive, makes me laugh hysterically, has a child and has been married. I just don't understand how can a person date several people at the same time. (rhetorical question)But I am still very grateful for your answers, so thanks again. When you date many individuals it is called causal dating (or so my daughter tells me). When sex becomes an option, then you ask for exclusivity. Well...a lot of foreigners see Americans I can understand how to them the two are synonymous. Seriously, an "exclusive talk" really doesn't mean anything.Does everyone in the UK meet, kiss and then become a couple? People do it because they either want something they can point to and cry "bbbbbbut you said!If I wanted to date around, I would first break up with the person, and then start to date.Anyway, this all 'exclusivity' thing is completely new to me (the discussion part of it). IME IMO this is more of a lazy idiot thing than an American thing.

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Are there any other things like this I should be expecting??? Dating an American male is the same as any other male.

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